The Minecraft player designs an Incredible Nether Tunnel leading to a portal at the other end

Minecraft is one of the most popular games today. It can be played on phones, consoles, and virtually everything in between. Its open-ended gameplay allows players to work together and pursue different objectives within a randomized world that never seems to get old. These procedural generated worlds include a range of biomes, from desert to tundra to mountainous areas. The game also features a place called Nether, which can be reached through portals found in a few select over world places.

Nether Portals are entrances to the Nether in Minecraft. The other dimension is unlike the main world in that it has many dangers including fire, lava, and terrifying monsters. As players approach this region, they often construct tunnels within the Nether to facilitate their travel around with the help of glow stone, which not only makes it easier to get lost but also helps with visibility. One player recently took things to a whole new level with the design of their tunnel. They created a network of nether portals by illuminating floating islands in dark lava lakes and adding torches for contrast.

A Reddit user named SpeedyK2003 shared the video of his creation.

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In a recent post on Reddit, a user known as SpeedyK2003 demonstrated how well the popular voxel-based game Minecraft could be used to recreate the experience of riding in a bullet train from Japan to China. According to the builder, he decided to make a massive tunnel connecting one area of the Nether (a fantasy land filled with fire and lava) to an End Portal located miles under an ocean. In the clip, he showed off how far his tunnel went by jumping into a boat and traveling down an ice road at high speed. The length of his build was incredibly long, taking him almost 30 seconds just to reach the portal on the other end!

This particular Nether tunnel was built more than just being functional. It featured a design that left almost no room for imagination. It had carved etchings of vines running on the right and left sides of its walls, strategically placed Glowstone made the insides glow along beautifully with a checkerboard purple-green patterned ceiling and floor. The nether tunnel did not only teleport us through it but we also got to enjoy a nice music audio experience.

Several members of the Minecraft community have expressed interest in this Nether tunnel creation since it was posted on Reddit. It was amazing to see the 21.4K upvotes in only a few days. In addition, gamers admired the length of time it took to construct the tunnel. They commented that installing all that wood must have taken a long time, one person said.

There are endless possibilities to what people can do with Minecraft nowadays. Players everywhere have been busy creating astonishing buildings, contraptions, and characters of all kinds. It is truly amazing how many different things there can be to build in this game!