Minecraft : Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet is Now Obtainable!


Minecraft offers the craziest possibilities in its cubic world, and currently you can play as Thanos and obtain the famous Infinity Gauntlet if you wish. Take possession of the Infinity Stones and wreak chaos!

If Minecraft allows you to express your imagination and your creativity thanks to the Creative mode, the Survival mode of the title of Mojang Studios is very different from the latter. In survival, you must indeed live with the elements that you find everywhere in your world to survive and build your little house. Thereafter, you will then be able to make yourself equipment worthy of the name to go and kill the Ender Dragon.

However, at first glance, these tasks may seem tedious, but thanks to a new mod, you will be able to accomplish them in a snap of your fingers.

Infinity Gauntlet mod is available in Minecraft!

Modder KNKevin wanted to make life easier for players by creating the mod called “Infinity Gauntlet”. The latter makes it possible, in one click, to make half of your world disappear if you wish, but the five stones can also be used individually.

To give a few examples, the red stone will allow you to transform all hostile mobs into passive mobs, and they will therefore no longer be able to attack you. In addition, you will also have the possibility to build teleporters, or to freeze time and control monsters.

The good news with this mod is that it is available for free and for download on the PlanetMinecraft site. However, to be able to use it correctly, you need to make sure that you are at the version 1.17 of Minecraft.