Minecraft Seeds


Minecraft seeds refer to codes used by the game to generate all those worlds for you that are full of interesting landscapes, key landmarks and so on that are ripe for exploration. These cover everything including those jaw-dropping vistas, thrilling dungeons filled with loot and so on.

You simply have to pick the one you want in order to play around in. Just get a seed up and running. This can be done by grabbing the digits and placing these into the seed field. It is done while creating a Minecraft world. All the heavy lifting will be done by the game. This allows you to explore and create as much as you want!

It does not matter whether you are a professional miner or just loading up your first world as all this is for you. But one thing that you can’t control in Minecraft is the terrain itself. There may be a number of possibilities brimming in your mind. But a world full of flat grassland can hardly be inspiring! These Minecraft seeds need to range from the inspiring to the functional.

Do note that the end results of any Minecraft seed will depend entirely on the version of Minecraft that you are running. Hence a brilliant seed in version 1.6 can appear unsettling in version 1.7. This means that you must set your Minecraft launcher to the required version order to get the correct results.

Each time a new world is created in Minecraft, it gets assigned a random unique value that is known as a seed. It can be considered like a barcode for Minecraft saves. This way the Minecraft players are able to share with others the cool worlds that they have found. But any changes that are made to this world made by the player will not be able to appear in a newly created seed. This is because you will not spawn in the same location for every seed each time. There would be times when you will spawn in random places, even if it is the same world. Each time a new major patch will come out for Minecraft, it will lead to each seed getting changed in some way or the other. Therefore, a seed that was made in version 1.1 of Minecraft may not appear as the same when you see it in version 1.2.

Do note that the seed ID is case sensitive. This means that you need to copy it exactly each time. It is quite easy to find out the ID of a seed while you are in that game. You simply need to type seed in the chat bar. Now press enter and you will get the seed ID.

While creating a new seed, “Generate Structures” must be on in order to ensure that villages, temples, besides dungeons as well as ocean monuments do not spawn on the map. Do note that Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, or even the Desert Villages will spawn only in the Minecraft version 1.2 or above.