Minecraft is a game that deals with the placing of blocks and going on adventures. Minecraft is widely referred to as a sandbox game, which implied that it is a game of virtual land that allows user to… Read More


Increasing Creativity and Entertainment

The saying that – all work and no play make you a boring person – is a fact. As a human being, you have to relax between your daily chores. Today, computer games have changed the concept of… Read More



Minecraft is a trendy game with greater than 20 million paying customers and far more enjoying the free version. Nevertheless, in modern day multiplayer mode, just a few thousand users can play together. For a normal setting, when… Read More

Welcome to Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game. This means that a set of open ends game, without a specific goal or constraining guidelines. There are different levels and types of play, adding to the open-ended aspect, and offering a level… Read More

AcemanWolf’s Server | Game Rules

Use common sense Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players Respect the Staff of the server Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone Respect the boundaries of the Chat Channels Do not cheat, abuse or… Read More