AcemanWolf’s Server | Game Rules

  • Use common sense
  • Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players
  • Respect the Staff of the server
  • Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone
  • Respect the boundaries of the Chat Channels
  • Do not cheat, abuse or otherwise glitch
  • Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins
  • Follow our rules and have fun

AcemanWolf’s Minecraft Server

Server IP Address:

Game Mode: Survival.

Fun little server to meet and chat with people. Server is running on the latest Craftbukkit 1.14.2 version. We are on survival mode server. Come and check it out.

Server Specifications:

RAM: 8192MB
Network Port: 1Gbps
Hosting Location: Buffalo, NY – DDoS Protected


Grief Prevention

If you like to request a plugin, contact us and we will make it happen.


Written By: Chris Priestman

A trio of clever crafts from this new French build team!

BEES! Gaaah, they’re huge and climbing up the walls with their honey-slicked knees!  

Ahem, sorry about that. I’m way too absorbed in the beautiful and only slightly terrifying sights of Myrthar – The Bee World. If you head inside this Minecraft build’s many honeycomb fortresses you can even spot tiny bees buzzing around as they create honey. It’s adorable and, er, very sticky. Oh, I can’t seem to get my hand off this wall…

Well, since it looks like I’m stuck here forever, I might as well tell you about the people who created this place. French build team Quantics Build only officially formed in March 2019, with founding members Ariux, Agraïc, Royalfils2, Volcom40, Folos, and Huntos.  

In just a few months they’ve expanded their team and already put together an impressive portfolio of brilliant builds. I guess you could say they’ve been busy as a bee, but I’m worried the giant bees surrounding me won’t find that funny, so let’s not.

Myrthar is the result of Quantics Build admiring the complex, hexagonal structures that bees use to shape the inside of their hives. The team claims their building style is “inspired by the physics and architecture that surround us in real life.”

You can see some of that inspiration in Quantics Build’s very first project, PetroCity, an over-industrialised human dystopia. Smoke billows from the chimneys of the factories in this claustrophobic cluster of buildings, and you can almost taste that sweet, sweet pollution.

Further down you can see railways, government buildings, and dams all crammed together. Can you spot the trade ship coming into dock and the cargo truck waiting to enter a warehouse?

Quantics Build explains that rapid industrialisation in PetroCity has fractured its society. The rich are contaminating the atmosphere with their smoggy industries at the top, while “the poor people are restrained to the worst areas, in villages next to polluted water,” Agraïc tells me. “It’s not a big project, but it is incredibly dense.”  

Agraïc reckons this is the project Quantics Build has shared the most, mixing everyone’s different styles. But how do they decide what to build in the first place? “Most of the time, decisions are made democratically, as we want all of our members to be able to give their opinion,” Agraïc explains. Once a project has been decided upon, they split up into smaller groups, which means everyone is working on a build they’re passionate about!

This process is how Titus – Return of the Undead came about. It depicts a legendary warrior, Titus, climbing out of his muddy grave, ready to fight again – except time has rotted his flesh away, so now he’s just a skeleton, and whoever heard of a skeleton attacking you in Minecraft? Oh, wait…

But don’t be frightened! After all, deep down we’re all skeletons, right?

This project was led by WazerFighter, a later addition to Quantics Build who mostly specializes in creating organic structures, like creatures, insects, and people. “To build my organics, I mainly use Fast Async WorldEdit and VoxelSniper for the basic shape,” WazerFighter tells me. “I then use Arceon for the details and the cloths. But I’m also working a lot by hand.”  

Once the build was complete, render artists Volcom40 and Ariux moved in to give it the finished look you can see now. They helped make the bones of Titus shine a bright white, and if you watch the gif created by Eonli, you’ll see that the light casts playful shadows across the red cape flowing in the wind.


A Minecraft Java Edition Release

Today we’re releasing 1.14.4,  a release that addresses left over issues from 1.14. We plan on this being the final release for 1.14 and we’ll continue our efforts on 1.15. Aside from new features, 1.15 will also focus on quality and performance improvements.


  • Fixed bugs
  • Performance improvements
  • Suspicious stew made from poppies now gives you night vision instead of speed
  • Added /debug report for getting more detailed information. Please include this while making bug reports about performance!
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Removed camera pivot offset in first-person
  • Improved chunk loading when travelling at high speed
  • Fixed incorrect Pillager texture
  • /reload and /forceload is now available to gamemasters
  • function-permission-level is a new setting in that controls which commands functions have access to
  • Villagers now stock more items
  • Villagers will now remember their gossip after becoming a Zombie Villager 
  • Improved performance of Villager pathfinding
  • Villagers can now work without also restocking at the same time
  • Gossip about players who converted a zombie villager will now last longer
  • The Player Activity button on the Realm screen has been removed
  • Villagers now wait with restocking until they have trades that need restocking
  • Village sieges no longer occur on mushroom islands
  • Mobs will no longer try to pathfind their way through bamboo
  • Pinged the human


  • MC-150623 – The game crashed whilst rendering overlay: Unable to fit texture
  • MC-156389 – Game Crashes when Shift + Command + Delete 18 characters at once on Anvil
  • MC-156407 – Unobtainable (speed) suspicious stew can be obtained from villagers
  • MC-156574 – Villager demand values increase/decrease indefinitely
  • MC-149018 – High Idle CPU usage on Server Edition (Minecraft 1.14 Release)
  • MC-154271 – Rolling shutter issue on MacOS since 1.14.3 Pre-Release 2
  • MC-149880 – Villager trades wrong book
  • MC-151282 – Villager trade GUI doesn’t show the correct price on servers if trade demand is high
  • MC-156042 – Villager demand never goes down over time unless traded with
  • MC-156349 – Cannot press Enter on Direct Connect
  • Fixed debug reports in worlds with a dot in their name
  • Fixed server freeze when Villagers fell into the void
  • MC-145769 – Villagers aren’t shutting doors behind them
  • MC-148613 – Aquatic mobs are not spawning / Fish spawned from buckets count towards the aquatic mob cap again
  • MC-152908 – When a player joins a server, everything that happened during the time offline queued on connecting to the server
  • MC-153406 – Score JSON Component Crash in items
  • MC-153749 – Trusting Foxes attack player when self-injured
  • MC-153852 – Concrete powder deleting waterlogged blocks when falling
  • MC-155711 – Functions capable of running commands they shouldn’t be able to (publish, debug …)
  • MC-156013 – Breaking Blocks “re-appear” to nudge player
  • MC-136318 – Floatable mobs are unable to walk when in waterlogged blocks
  • MC-151150 – Entities (Villagers) cause massive lag when attempting to pathfind
  • MC-151376 – Villagers are not pathfinding towards their POI; POI detection range is too small
  • MC-151810 – Mobs don’t try to avoid fall damage anymore
  • MC-154214 – Chunks refusing to unload due to incorrect player ticket additions
  • MC-155147 – Mouse acceleration with the new 1.14.3 update
  • MC-155906 – Failed to save debug dump if the destination location contains a space
  • MC-100946 – Bow with mending undraws when receiving XP while drawed
  • MC-113968 – Zombies of village siege spawn despite gamerule doMobSpawning being false
  • MC-113970 – Zombies of village siege do not spawn centered on a block
  • MC-134964 – Unexpected error: java.util.NoSuchElementException
  • MC-142037 – java.lang.NullPointerException: Initializing game
  • MC-143755 – Arbitrary score/selector/NBT resolution using lectern without operator rights
  • MC-143886 – Acacia leaves render improprly from a distance
  • MC-146289 – Farmer villagers don’t stop to pick up their crops
  • MC-147844 – Pillagers don’t pathfind around obstacles & out of water
  • MC-152094 – End city/end ship generation gets cut at chunk borders sometimes
  • MC-152636 – Killing a zombie right as it converts into a Drowned will drop the loot from zombie while still converting into a Drowned
  • MC-153498 – Cyrillic letter Є is not included in the Minecraft font
  • MC-153665 – Full villager inventory creates invisible items
  • MC-153712 – Java using 100-200% CPU (MacOS)
  • MC-153766 – Rabbits no longer need sand/grass in order to spawn in deserts/tundras
  • MC-153892 – Mending slows down breaking blocks
  • MC-154019 – Beacon deactivate sound not sounds when you break the base
  • MC-154031 – villagers give away all food if they want to share it
  • MC-154068 – parrots occasionally disappearing when you take them from a boat
  • MC-154201 – Trying to trade with villager immediately closes trading menu for some villagers
  • MC-154362 – Crossbow has to re-load when mending takes place
  • MC-154509 – Bashkir letters Ҙ, ҙ, Ҡ, ҡ, Ҫ, and ҫ are not included in the Minecraft font
  • MC-154668 – Invalid characters crash the game in jigsaw block input upon pressing enter
  • MC-154830 – All wall signs use oak color on maps
  • MC-155092 – Zombie sieges can happen on mushroom islands
  • MC-155104 – when closing a menu while moving the mouse, the screen will move in that direction
  • MC-155172 – Hostile Wolf AI has been broken. Wolves can no longer attack enemies efficiently.
  • MC-155238 – Villagers picking up workstation through wall
  • MC-155345 – ConcurrentModificationException when a player leaves an active raid
  • MC-155571 – Silverfish & Endermite spawners no longer functioning


To install the release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and click play!

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

Server Update!!!

Server has been updated to the latest version 1.14.3. Let me know if there is any problem on forum or our discord channel. Thanks and have fun playing!!!

Adding Your Own Minecraft Server To Enjoy Multiplayer Gaming

Anybody who has played Minecraft is well aware of how much fun it is. Now there is a site that allows you to add your own server to the Minecraft Now – Toplist. This topsite lets you bring in all your friends into the same game! Hence now you play with your own rules and with your own friends. There cannot be more fun in a game that is so addictive!

The only thing better than a single player in Minecraft, is multiplayer. So now you can join your own server to topsite to get started. Another option is to search around on the Minecraft Now – Toplist site to get more exclusive ones. But this way you would be ultimately bound by their rules, discretion and so on. Hence adding your own server will let you and your friends play together having your own set of rules. Besides, it is really easy to do so.

Download and First Run

All that you need to do is head to the Minecraft Download page. Now go to the “Multiplater beta server software” section. Here the Windows users may simply download the .exe file and run it.  The OS X as well as Linux users will have to download the .jar file, and run their server by using this command in Terminal:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

You can always decide to devote less or more RAM to your server. This way you can change the 1024M to something like 2048M. Here the first number refers to the maximum amount that it can use while the second number is the minimum that can be used. Everything is in Java here. This means that you must have at least a spare gig of RAM that you can devote to Minecraft. Do note that things do tend to get unruly as there are a large number of people playing. Once you start doing crazy stuff such as blowing up huge caverns making use of massive amounts of TNT and so on, things can get quite unruly.

Server Windows

The memory along with the processor thread use on the left will be visible in the server windows. Here you can also see the list of connected players that is displayed in the lower left. There is the log and chat window displayed on the right side. Do note that when you run the server for the first time on , you’ll get some errors. This is quite normal and hence you should not panic!

There will be log errors in case the server is not able to find the configuration files that it needs. But it will make them. This can be easily seen as there will be new files coming up in the same folder just where your server is.

The “world” folder will contain your generated map area, along with an ops list, as well as a file, besides a number of other things too!