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Minecraft is a sandbox game. This means that a set of open ends game, without a specific goal or constraining guidelines. There are different levels and types of play, adding to the open-ended aspect, and offering a level of flexibility, creativity, and choices not often seen in video games. This makes it a game that players and families of players, can easily be adapted to their interests, their interests and boundaries and styles of play. Game settings may vary from the completely calm creative mode, where all materials and supplies are at hand, and the players never die, in survival mode that can be set at different levels of difficulty. In survival, players must collect resources and craft their tools while still alive. There are several levels of difficulty to survive range completely peaceful (in other words, not monsters) difficulty levels, including a variety of monsters, or mobs, like spiders, skeletons, and zombies. In survival mode, even when placed in silence, players can succumb to hunger, falls, drowning and other deaths. This ability to adjust the level of difficulty, as well as to control the level of peace is one of the attractions of the game for many families.

Fun little server to meet and chat with people. Server is running on the latest Craftbukkit version. We are on survival mode server. Come and check it out. Powered by VPSCraft.

Battle in Game
Team up in Game
Hunt in Game

Game Rules

Use common sense

Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players

Respect the Staff of the server

Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone

Respect the boundaries of the Chat Channels

Do not cheat

Do not cheat, abuse or otherwise glitch

Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins

Follow our rules and have fun


Los Angeles, CA
DDoS Protected
RAM: 8192MB
Network Port: 1 Gbps
IP: Port: 25565
Domain IP: acemanwolf.play.net.co